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Nadja Poignee  heads up our Volunteer Team and is our Forest School Assistant and a Biologist. How she manages to keep her own brood of three small children engaged and excited about the natural world whilst also helping our KindiZoo Nature Play children, we do not know. Born in Germany she moved to Singapore at the age of 3 and has lived in Malaysia for the last 10 years, is a graduate and  also currently studying for her Level 3 Forest School Leader certification.

We take huge pride in our KindiZoo Nature Play team. We have taken time to forge together a unique mix of permanent, volunteer and community participants, offering a wealth of knowledge and deep learning not found in any other early years setting in Malaysia.

 Alison McGilligan is Director of KindiZoo Nature Play & our founding Forest School Leader. She established KindiZoo in 2014 and is responsible for leading its transformation  into the most unique alterative setting for early years children, Malaysia‚Äôs first Forest School. She is a graduate, an educator, a certified Level 3 Forest School Leader, a wife, a mother, a dancer and leads our team's professional development AND is passionate about helping educate children about the natural world and how to protect it. If on that journey they become accomplished artists, scientists, authors, lawyers, doctors, adventurers, conservationists with the ability to succeed in the real world then her job is done!