What We Do

We run, climb, dig, explore, build dens, hide & seek, jump in muddy puddles, create works of art, mud model, make music, sing songs, cook on the fire, weave baskets, build shelters and woodland toys, explore animal habitats, plant and grow our own food, tie knots, tell stories, win our Tool License - all whilst learning about the diversity, beauty and cultural heritage of the flora & fauna of Malaysia.

Our Home

KindiZoo Nature Play is located in the stunning Kayu Manis Orchard at Leisure Farm in Johor. It is a beautiful disused orchard backing onto virgin jungle within this secure eco conscious gated community. There are an abundance of indigenous fruit trees and bushes ranging from fat juicy Pomelos to tiny sweet lime trees, a healthy spice garden and two stunning lakes breaming with pondlife and one grumpy Mother Goose!

Safe Kids

We believe that if kids are given the opportunity to take age appropriate risk, they will learn how to mange it safely. With our guidance they learn how to look after themselves and accidents are kept to the occasional bump or graze - climbing trees can do that! We use tools under the safe watch of the Forest School Leader and all our team are first aid certified and trained in our medical emergency procedure. Our Covid 19 & other Communicable Diseases Policy and Procedure us currentl being updated, but will be published here soon. 

Call us today on +60174087177 to register or email alison@kindizoo.com for a registration form and fee schedule

At KindiZoo Nature Play we believe that every child is unique. Our ethos is to support our charges to grow and flourish in the natural world. Away from the modern day distraction of the iPad "Nanny", they become self-assured, resourceful and resilient young people, learning to take risk in a safe way, through uninterrupted self-initiated play and exploration. Our Forest School Leaders focus is to nurture the unique strengths of each child, through encouraging their natural curiosity, supporting their ongoing neurological development and above all having fun outdoors! To this end we have chosen to follow Forest School pedagody as this walks hand in hand with our ethos and also has a rigorous focus on the health and safety of all in our community. 

"Play is the highest form of research "

- Albert Einstein