KindiZoo Nature Play believes in positively impacting the community and environment that supports our programme. We already know that the ripple effect of what we do with the Children each day in our Forest School Sessions has far reaching benefits into the families, volunteers, schools and beyond that we impact.

We also believe that through the kids' experiences with us, we help them to build an appreciation and love of all things environmental - creating little Guardians of our planet in the process. In the words of another Planet Earth lover, Sir David Attenborough:


We also believe in helping others rise and proactively support the following organisations through awareness, fundraising and other environmental collaboration projects:

​Kelab Alami - our local friends at KA do invaluable work educating children and their families about the beautiful coastal regions surrounding their village on the Straits of Johor. The club was established to support re-skilling the youth of the village as Coastal Rangers and they do amazing work with schools and other groups educating them in the wonders of the flora and fauna of our mangroves, feedings grounds, coral reefs and more. KA visit our children at KZNP monthly to share their knowledge and skills with us.

Danau Girang Field Centre - based in Sabah, DGFC supports critical research of the impact of human life on the stunning flora and fauna of the rainforest that they live in. An NGO originally funded by Cardiff University, they now attract researchers from around the world to study the incredible bio-diversity of the region. They also run "Re-Grow Borneo" a programme supporting the re-planting of trees , our life-blood, with local community teams and KZNP supports this fund through donations made from Registration Fees, a small ask, given the incredibly rich knowledge they share with us in return.

​Fuze EcoTeer Outdoor Adventures - what a clever idea...combining volunteering with fundraising to support the fragile biodiversity of Malaysia's wildlife and the environment within which they live. The team lead a critical Sea Turtle research programme in the Perhentian Islands off Malaysia's North East Coast as well as supporting a local Orang Asli community located on the fringes of one of their Mainland Peninsular Rainforest projects. Providing a school and a qualified teacher for these children will give them a future they may not have otherwise realised. KZNP also suports their Precious Plastics programme.

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